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XS100 Home Smoke Alarm, XW100 Wireless

  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Long Life, Discreet Design
  • Approved by HDB

Singapore Civil Defence requires new homes to be fitted with Smoke Alarms (HFAD) from 2018 https:www.scdf.gov.sg/hfad

The New Notifier VIEW® Detector

The new Notifier VIEW® detector is a high sensitivity photoelectric smoke detector designed for Very Early Warning Fire Detection and used to protect critical assets & operations. The high-sensitivity detector features a smoke-sensing chamber and patented optic block designed to amplify signals from smoke but diminish stray internal reflections that can cause false alarms.

New LED technology now allows VIEW to achieve sensitivity levels from 0.02 percent-per-foot to 2 percent-per-foot obscuration – up to 25 times greater than a standard photoelectric detector. The extensive software processing includes superior transient rejection algorithms and multi-alert drift compensation. VIEW is an ideal detection solution for data centres, server rooms, traffic control centres and telecommunication switching facilities. Read more - FSV-951R-IV datasheet