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XS100 Home Smoke Alarm, XW100 Wireless

  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Long Life, Discreet Design
  • Approved by HDB

Singapore Civil Defence requires new homes to be fitted with Smoke Alarms (HFAD) from 2018 https:www.scdf.gov.sg/hfad

The New Notifier VIEW® Detector

The new VIEW detector is a high sensitivity smoke detector designed for Very Early Warning Fire Detecton and used to protect critical assets.

A patented optic block is designed to amplify signals from smoke particles while diminishing false alarms caused by stray internal reflections.

Extensive software processing includes superior transient rejection algorithms and multi-alert drift compensation.

New LED technology allows VIEW to achieve sensitivity levels from 0.02%/ft to 2%/ft obscuration - up to 25 times greater than a standard photoelectric detector.

VIEW is an ideal detection solution for datacentres, server rooms, traffic control centres and telecommunication switching facilities. Read more - FSV-951R-IV datasheet