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Comprehensive Support

Patent offer comprehensive support through the lifetime of a product or system - from design and supply, during warranty period, spares availability, special repairs, retro-fit and upgrade of systems, to full system replacements. You can be safely assured of our commitment to help you build trust and long-term business relation with your end-users.


Site support and training form important parts of our after sales support. We offer training sessions on operating procedures of the installed system for customers and end-users.

Training can be customized upon request which Patent will offer at Patent premises or on site. Training usually includes control panel and system demonstration.

We are able to provide training for the following product range :
  1. Patent System 88 conventional panel & devices - product overview covering features, hardware, and product troubleshooting skills
  2. Patent Premium 2-way emergency voice comms systems – product overview covering features, hardware and product troubleshooting skills
  3. Notifier Addressable Systems & Esser Addressable Systems – Basic operating procedures of panel and system at Operator’s Level

Technical Advice

Being proficient with both addressable and conventional systems and with the wide array of equipment that we carry, we will provide practicable solutions when it comes to selecting the rightful type of systems and devices most suited for the applications.

After Sales Service and Maintenance of Addressable Systems

Even the best system will not function well if it is not properly maintained. We provide factory trained serviceman that carry out contract maintenance to ensure that the system performs at its optimum level. Our service teams also provide round the clock 24-7, call back service. Email clement@patent.com.sg for Notifier Service & Maintenance or steven@patent.com.sg for Esser Service & Maintenance or sales@patent.com.sg