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Esser IQ8 Devices & Modules

The IQ8Quad detector not only combines state-of-the-art detection technology in a single unit but also sets new standards in terms of safety and effectiveness

item 802371
Optical Smoke Detector - IQ8Quad
item 802171
Fixed Heat Detector - IQ8Quad
item 802271
Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector - IQ8Quad
item 805590
Standard Detector Base for IQ8Quad
item 802384
IQ8Quad with Integrated Alarm Devices
item 802385
OT Multisensor Detector - IQ8Quad with isolator
item 808623
esserbus Alarm Transponder 4IN/2OUT
item 804971
item 804868
IQ8TAL with isolator, 1 contact IN/1 OUT
item 808611.10
esserbus transponder 32 LED