Fire Alarm Panel Features

  • Individual Zone isolate functions with indicators
  • Auxiliary isolate switch with visual indicator and reminding buzzer sound
  • Alarm sounder silence switch (orange) and fault buzzer silence switch (yellow) with visual indicators and
    reminding buzzer sound.
  • Evacuate alarm switch (red) for general alarm evacuation
  • Indicator test switch (blue) to test all LEDs and buzzer
  • Reset switch (brown) to normalise system
  • Resound for subsequent fault and alarm
  • Visual indicator and reminding audio warning for all control switches
  • Specific fault indications for ARMS(DECAM) fire & fault, auxiliary supply and signal lines
  • Specific fault indications for zone input circuits, sounder output circuits for line open, line short and earth faults
  • Non silencing of alarm within first 3 minutes; bypass facility available for system maintenance
  • Auto switching between main and standby power supply facility to sub panels without PSU
  • Charger and battery monitoring through specific indicators for mains failure, high/low voltage, battery disconnection
    and blown fuse
  • Supervisory fault monitoring the critical components