PS88 4M-120M

Patent System 88 Main Alarm Panel, 4 to 120 Zones

Patent System 88 range of fire alarm panels provides a cost effective and reliable means of fire detection, alarm, ancillary controls and monitoring. Simple to operate and without proprietary system protocol, maintenance and retrofit works can be carried out by any trained fire contractor.

System 88 is offered from 4 zones up to 120 zones. For replacement projects, special controls, monitoring and enclosure sizes can be customised. Almost all brands of conventional panels and devices can be interfaced with Sys 88 panels which lessen the risk of owners being locked in by any one particular model.

The System 88 model is also available in a wide array of other control and indicating equipment. This include Fire Extinguishing Control Panels, Smoke Control Panels, Foam Control Panels, Watermist Control panels, Preaction Sprinkler Control Panels, Repeater Panels, Mimic Panels and Power Supply Units. 

  • EN complied power supply with capacity of 1.5A to 18A
  • Class B wiring (Standard) Class A wiring (Option)
  • LCD Display for events logging and recording (Option)
  • Networking facilities for general alarm, remote alarm silence and system master reset
  • Extended auxiliary switches/relays and monitoring modules
  • Alarm verification feature (AVF) with alarm counter (Option)
  • Fully supervised and fuse protected for all input and output lines
  • ARMS (Decam) fire and fault line supervision
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  • Standard enclosure made to IP30. Options include IP34, recessed mounting, stainless steel. 
  • Complies with EN54 Parts 2 and 4 and SS CP 10 : 2005
  • Listed under the Product Listing Scheme by TUV SUD PSB Singapore
  • Listed under HDB Approved Material List
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Standard Panel




Dimensions (HxWxD)

PS88-4M 4 Zones 7 AH 1.2 Amp 420 x 420 x 145mm
PS88-8M 8 Zones 7 AH 1.5 Amp 420 x 420 x 145mm
PS88-12M 12 Zones 7 AH 2 Amp 480 x 420 x 145mm
PS88-16M 16 Zones 7 AH 2 Amp 480 x 420 x 145mm
PS88-20M 20 Zones 7 AH 2 Amp 580 x 450 x 145mm
PS88-24M 24 Zones 12 AH 3 Amp 580 x 450 x 145mm
PS88-28M 28 Zones 12 AH 3 Amp 680 x 450 x 145mm
PS88-32M 32 Zones 12 AH 3 Amp 680 x 450 x 145mm
PS88-36M 36 Zones 12 AH 3 Amp 800 x 450 x 170mm
PS88-40M 40 Zones 12 AH 3 Amp 800 x 450 x 170mm
PS88-44M 44 Zones 18 AH 3 Amp 750 x 580 x 220mm
PS88-48M 48 Zones 18 AH 5 Amp 750 x 580 x 220mm