1 to 60 Zones

System 88i extinguishing control panels is a variant of the fire alarm range and employs the same proven detection, notification and actuation circuits. Favoured for reliability and ease of use, this range has been the product of choice for data centres, server rooms and telecommunication facilities.

• 1 to 60 dual risk zoning

• Cross zones activation

• Compatible with conventional detectors and alarm devices that are certified international standards such as UL or EN

• Can be used with most extinguishing systems – FM200 ® / Novec ® / Inert Gas / CO2 / water mist

• EN complied power supply with capacities from 2A to 22


  • Countdown timer selectable from 10, 30 , 60 and 90 secs. (120 secs is an option)
  • Cross-zones actuation as standard
  • “Any 2 zone” actuation is an option
  • Indications for supervision of Remote Manual Release “line-fault” and “activated” conditions
  • Indications for supervision of Actuator “line-fault” and “fired” conditions
  • Gas Released positive feedback indication
  • Indications for “Remote Abort” activation
  • Monitoring of actuator head disconnection / cylinder low pressure
  • On-board inhibition of detection zone, remote manual release, actuation and auxiliaries
  • Resound/silence facilities for 1st alarm and 2nd alarm notifications
  • Auxiliary outputs for 1st and 2nd detection with isolation facilities
  • Field selectable for individual firing with common signal output (Bell, Strobe, Evacuate Signage, Auxiliary 1, Siren, Gas Fired Signage, Auxiliary 2)
  • Options of alphanumeric display module with recordable event, date and time of zone fire, manual release, actuator activated, gas discharged and abort actuation
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Standard Panel


Battery Space


Dimensions (HxWxD)

G88i-1G 1 Zone 7AH/12AH 4 Amp 420 x 350 x 145mm
G88i-2G(I) 2 Zones, Individual Firing 7AH/12AH 4 Amp 500 x 350 x 145mm
G88i-2G(C) 2 Zones, Common Firing 7AH/12AH 4 Amp 420 x 350 x 145mm