We possess vast experience in supplying, testing, commissioning and maintaining critical life safety systems such as Fire Alarm, Emergency Voice Communication, Gas Suppression or Aspirating Smoke Detection with capabilities to interface with other building services such as lift, access control, ACMV or BMS on low or high level basis over MODBUS or BacNet protocols.

Our proven track records are built upon a wide spectrum of facilities such as Hotels, Integrated Malls, Healthcare Institutions, Education Centres, Oil and Gas Plants as well as Data Centers belonging to the world’s most reputable technology companies.

Addressable Fire Alarm System - Let PATENT be your long-term partner

PATENT can assist to configure a code compliant ESSER or NOTIFIER addressable system to meet your project or building needs. Each addressable project entrusted to us, supported by our synergetic team of dedicated personnel, is ensured a seamless transition from conceptualisation to successful completion.

We pride ourselves in being a reliable and knowledgeable partner. We have earned a reputation for providing unbiased opinions and are trusted by installers, consultants as well as owners to recommend practical and valued engineering options. Our best fit offer often results in overall cost reduction and improved serviceability while ensuring compliance to codes.

Conventional Fire Alarm System – We are more than just another supplier

Conventional systems are optimal for smaller facilities or where capital expenditure is a concern. These systems are easy to maintain, not proprietary and allow a wider selection of trained service providers. Dependable, simple, user-centric, versatile are some features that have made our PATENT conventional fire alarm panels a trusted and easily recognisable brand. With readily available spare parts, a wide choice of trained contractors, local factory support; contractors and owners know they are getting a quintessential product when they choose PATENT.

Experience garnered through the generations of panels allow us to improve the reliability and stability of each evolution while ensuring backward compatibility. Keeping the user in mind as a priority, fundamentals of our panel operations have remained largely unchanged which allows a seamless transition with any upgrade and migration. Our wealth of system experience allows us to provide practical solutions that can be customised to suit the needs of each building, which makes us the go-to-choice for new build, retrofit projects or replacement of discontinued systems.


Staffed by well-trained technical personnel, we are just one call away from having your site trouble solved 

Special Requirements - We customise and build to your system design

Armed with a strong R&D team and close cooperation with industry partners, we are capable of providing customised solutions for any unique control panels for foam, water mist, smoke curtain or gas suppression systems. Some special designs are - 

  • We design and supply Foam Control Panels to control foam releasing valves. Manual override, isolation of selector valve and actuators, supervised lines, controls for valves to open or close, control switches and monitoring indicators can be customised and built according to your system design. 
  • Smoke curtain control system is used to control smoke spreading. It is integrated with ACMV and fire system. We design Smoke Curtain Control Panels to drop and retract curtains according to various scenarios
  • We design and supply the “external count down timer display” to display simultaneously with the Fire Extinguishing Control system count down timer.

Servicing and Maintenance of Addressable Systems

Even the best system will not function well if it is not properly maintained. We provide factory trained technicians that carry out contract maintenance to ensure that the system performs at its optimum level. Our service teams also provide round the clock 24-7, call back service. Our Technicians are proficient and experienced in system programming and troubleshooting. You can be assured of efficient solutions that will save invaluable time for your company.

Email for Notifier Service & Maintenance or for Esser Service & Maintenance or